The Spot Shooting Drill will help your players develop better [tag]game-situation shooting form[/tag].  Players who struggle with shooting during my basketball practices are asked to perform this drill 10 times after practice.

-“ Player stands at a point within his shooting range, holding the ball in both hands and facing the basket

-“ Player flips the ball underhanded, with some backspin, to one step right or left of where he is standing
-“ Player picks up the ball, stands in a ready position, shoots, and gets his own rebound
-“ Player takes the ball anywhere in the dotted line area and repeats steps 1-3

Points of Emphasis
-“ BEEF:
Balance: Shoot off both feet without leaning or fading away
Eyes: Focus on the back of the rim from the start of your shot until it goes through the net
Elbow:“  Keep your elbow up at shoulder level and directly in front of your chest
Follow through: To complete the shot, extend your arm towards the basket and point your“ fingers into the back of the rim
-“ Receive the ball with your knees bent and hands out.  Move directly into your shot from this position