Here are three simple baskeball plays that Dave, one of my readers, sent to me recently. Try these out with your team!Simple Basketball Plays

From Dave…
I coach middle school tournament teams.
Here are a few basketball out-of-bound plays I like to use.

Underneath the basket
Here is a simple basketball play that works once or twice during a game.
I will refer to it as low stack.
Player 1 throws the ball in. Player 2 lines up on top of the box (low post box) and players 3,4 and 5 scrunch up behind him. Player 1 slaps the ball and player 3 jumps out side the free throw lane and players 2,4 and 5 turn 90 degrees to form a tight wall. Player 3 has an uncontested shot. Let me remind you it will only work once maybe twice in a basketball game and only if everyone lines up on the inside.

The next one I will call a high stack
Player 1 throws the ball in. Player 2 lines up about a yard from the free throw elbow and everyone else lines up behind him. Once the ball is slapped player 2 heads to the opposite low post block, player 3 jets out to the outside, player 4 turns and screens player 5 defensive player and player 5 head straight down the lane. Once you run this a few times everybody looks fro player 5, now player 2 is wide open.
These are all simple basketball plays and they still work.

And my favorite out-of-bounds play.
On the side at half court everyone uses the screen the first player as he rolls around and heads toward the free throw lane. Here is a twist to that stack.
This works best if it’s on the side of the benches and under pressure situation where everyone is playing pressure man-to-man. Player 1 throws the ball in, player 2 sets up in the backcourt and everyone else stacks up about 4 feet in front of player 1. When the referee hands player 1, who I will call John, the ball. I will yell at player 2, who I will call Jason,” Jason I want you to take the ball out” (you have to be convincing) as he runs up to John (staying in bounds) and there is confusion who takes the ball out. “ As Jason runs by, John flips the ball to Jason who by now has at least a step on everybody for lay-up.