My team had a problem with relying on one person to do the shooting, and everybody expecting him to do it. It was always the point guard.  I came up with two simple basketball plays“  that actually worked.

You set up in a simple 1-3-1 format. Everybody expects the point guard to either drive to the basket or give it to the post player for a give and go.  I had the post player set a screen for the left wing and the forward came up to play post, who is given the basketball.

They turn around and give it to the left wing player, who should be where the forward was. As they are going for a short jumper or layup, the right wing goes to the opposite side for a rebound if the shot is missed. At the same time the forward jumps up into the point position as the point guard takes the spot of the right wing. If the other basketball team caught on to it, I yell out a another play, which is the same thing but it goes to the other side.

Usually I use universities’ names and use that university’s mascot to switch to the other side. This got us quite a few baskets until the other team caught on to both sides. The weaker teams in our conference we could get almost every time, without having to go to the opposite side.