This is one of my favorite simple basketball plays-Press Break-that works very well with my basketball team. Timing is everything with this basketball play.

The point guard throws in the basketball.
The 2 guard and the 3 guard are free throw line extended.
The 4 and 5 are half court line extended.
Ball side guard sets a pick for the post on the half court line.
(For example the 2 sets a pick for the 4.)
The 4 runs towards the free throw line and receives the ball from the point guard. The point guard runs straight up the middle of the floor and receives the pass from the 4 about right after they pass the free throw line.
The 5 fills the offensive blocks, the 3 fills the lane. The fast break is completed!

This is a great press break and it works every time.  Timing is everything with this play; you have to hit the point guard as they are running down the middle.