One of my readers actually suggested these [tag]simple basketball practice drills[/tag].  I’ve included it for you below.Simple Basketball Practice Drills

From Phil…
I like to do [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] that combine many skills so that my time is used most efficiently.
I start with four players in a diamond shape.
The offense can not [tag]dribble[/tag] or move other than to catch the pass.
I have 2 players in the middle, one with a ball. The player with the ball passes to one of the diamond players, who must hold the ball until the passer breaks down and gets into his defensive position. The other player in the middle of the diamond, is reading the pass receiver in anticipation of the next pass.

Once the [tag]pass[/tag] is made, the player in the middle follows the pass and breaks down into [tag]defensive[/tag] position, unless he makes a steal. If a steal is made, he takes the place of the passer who threw the interception. Meanwhile the other middle player must recover to the middle of the diamond.

The ball movement is slow in the beginning to get the defensive players accustomed to flashing to the ball, then recovering to the middle. As players become more comfortable with the [tag]drill[/tag], speed up the passing.

I have found that it helps the players defensively and [tag]offensive[/tag]ly. Defensively, players learn to anticipate passes and get to the ball faster, as well as [tag]conditioning[/tag]. Offensively, players learn to find the open man under pressure and make good decisions with the ball. This is a [tag]half court drill[/tag].

A variation is to place 3 defenders in the middle and allow the offense to move side to side only to better passing position.