One area that youth [tag]coaches[/tag] really need to emphasize are [tag]skills basketball[/tag].  Read below for a great suggestion from Steven.Skills Basketball

The [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] I like to do is 3 on 2 continuous.  I have adjusted it slightly so as to work on recovery back to defense, more pressure on the passes starting from outlet pass and conditioning.
You start as normal 3 on 2. The person who shoots drops out, the other 2 work hard to get back to defense.
There are 3 players waiting to come in on attack at each baseline. They take the rebound, make an outlet pass and run the floor.
As the first 2 players are working to get back, they can decide to pressure the outlet pass.

-3 players middle of the court
-They start by weaving
-There are 3 players each baseline
-The players who shoots drops out
-The other 2 become defenders but not in a tandom under their own basket
-Defense start when the ball go through the hoop
I hope that you like this. Maybe it a drill that you already do, but I really like it. Its a drill that works more than 1 thing and its very game realistic