Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their best drills for [tag]skills in basketball[/tag].  Check out these two [tag]drills[/tag] sent in by Ray and Tracy.Skills in Basketball

From Ray–
Here is a [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] I use with my 7/8th boys team:

The Centipede Drill

Players start out in a line with about 5-7 feet between.
Players waiting to move (all players but the rear player) are in triple threat position.
The rear player dribbles around each player from the back until he is the lead player.
He stops about 5-10 feet above the top of the line to change the direction of the line (centipede).
This centipede formation zigzags using the full court.

From Tracy–
Basically, it’s the Three Man Weave. 

I have them start at half court. 
The person in the middle passes it whichever way they choose. 
The players only make three passes total. 
Two chest passes and one bounce pass.
The person who started the drill in the middle gets the bounce pass and they go up for a layup.