Last week, I sent out a request for my newsletter subscribers to send in their best drills for [tag]skills of basketball[/tag].  Check out this one below sent in by Benny–great [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag]!Skills of Basketball

From Benny…
Here is a drill that I use that works GREAT on [tag]conditioning[/tag], shooting, and passing, and [tag]defense[/tag] and [tag]offensive[/tag] skills.

I call it the UCLA drill:

  • Start with 3 players at half court
  • 2 Players on defense and“  2 more players on defense at the other end of the court
  • It moves like a fast break (3 on 2 )
  • While the 3 offensive players are sprinting (like a fast break 3 on 2), A third defensive player runs from the sidelines at“  half court and touches the center of the court
  • This makes the offensive rush to the whole and gives the drill a sense of game time speed
  • Once the defense grabs the [tag]rebound[/tag], the players run a fast break to the 2 other defensive players on the opposite side of the court where the 2 defensive players were already placed earlier.
  • Same drill on the way down, a third defensive player runs from the sidelines to the center of the court and then plays defense with the other 2
  • The play keeps running and the 2 defensive players are the palyers on the wings.