This is a great shooting drill to teach younger or less experienced players what shooting is all about!

Put your players at a basket to work on “soft shots” or “Swish shots”, and using 5 spots on the floor, work on taking players to a target.

Coaching Tips:

1.  Before beginning, set a goal for players to meet, such as making 3 in a row. Goals are especially important for younger players.

2.  Be sure the foot is inside the key.

3.  Taking time to focus on proper shooting fundamentals and body mechanics, practice taking soft/swish shots from these 5 spots on the court:

A.  Spot 1 – Rim shot from the side of the key

B.  Spot 2 – backboard shot off the angle

C.  Spot 3 – a middle shot over the rim

D.  Spot 4 – backboard shot off the angle

E.  Spot 5 – Rim shot from the side of the key

4.  The focus of this drill is to learn what a good shot should look like. “  Encourage your players to take extra time to evaluate what resulted in the shot and adjust to correct any issues.


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