Amazing practice plans are critical to your [tag]coaching[/tag] success (and I’ve already given you plenty of those), but equally important is the proper emphasis on [tag]strength[/tag] and [tag]basketball[/tag] conditioning with your players. All levels of athletes can benefit from [tag]conditioning[/tag] training. It is important to take the following suggestions in combination with your knowledge of your players’ ability level as to avoid injury.

Basketball players benefit from full body exercises with compound movements that utilize large muscle groups. A basketball player with extremely strong biceps will be outmatched ever time by a player with a strong total body. For this reason, exercises that target multiple muscle groups translate best onto the court. My favorite circuits are below. I go through this basic workout plan every day myself and three times a week with my team during the season.

Pat’s Supersets
“ “ “ “  A [tag]super set[/tag] is a training technique, commonly used in [tag]circuit training[/tag], where two different exercises are performed in succession with little or no rest in between. A super set requires working one muscle group to fatigue and then immediately working the antagonist or opposite muscle group to fatigue. The basic principle of the super set is to continually work two different muscle groups at maximal intensity for a prolonged period of time. In a super set, while one muscle group is working, the antagonist is resting, preparing to take over immediately at fatigue.
“ “ “ “  Each of my superset routines includes 6 exercises grouped in pairs. For each pair, perform one of the exercises to failure and immediately begin the second. You should have your players using heavy enough weights that they can only do between 8-10 reps each set. Alternate exercises until you have completed three sets of each exercise. After three sets are complete, move to the next pair. If possible, group the team into pairs to complete the exercises together. This training style is fast and effective- what more could you want.

Weight Room Super Sets
For teams with access to a weight room, I recommend the following programs:

Program 1
1) Bench Press with Seated Row
2) Leg Press with Leg Curl
3) Push Ups with Lat Pull Downs

Program 2
1) Shoulder Press with Lunges
2) Upright Row with Leg Extensions
3) Lateral Raises with Calf Raises
B-ball Court/ Off Season @ Home (you have no excuse) Supersets

1) Squats with Push Ups (complete each until failure)
2) Forward Lunges with Bench Dips
3) Pull Ups with Reverse Lunges