Squaring Up Basketball Footwork Drill

Squaring Up

Purpose This drill focuses on good footwork and 1 on 1 moves to use in the triple threat. How it Works Players form 3 lines on the baseline, each player with a

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Pump Jab and Shoot Triple Threat Basketball Drill

Pump, Jab & Shoot

Purpose This advanced triple threat drill works from a variety of spots on the floor. How it Works Starting on the right wing, pump fake out of the triple threat. Jab step

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Jab and Shoot Basketball Triple Threat Drill

Jab and Shoot

Purpose The basketball jab step can be a devastating basketball move out of the triple threat position. How it Works Starting from the triple threat, jab step at the hoop with your

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Jab, Pump and Go

Purpose This is a great triple threat drill that works on attacking both inside and outside off the fake. How it Works Start on the right wing in the triple threat, then

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