1. Round 1: Set up 10-15 feet away from a wall holding a basketball.
  2. Throw the ball hard against the wall, allow it to bounce once, and catch it – much like an infielder would in baseball.
  3. As drill progresses, move closer and closer to the wall.
  4. Complete 10 throws and catches.
  5. Round 2: Use a tennis ball instead of a basketball.
  6. Round 3: Dribble a basketball in your strong hand while bouncing the tennis ball off the wall with your weak hand.
  7. Round 4: Dribble a basketball in your weak hand while bouncing the tennis ball off the wall with your strong hand.

Coaching Tips:

  • Move your feet and get your body in position to make the catch. You should also remain balanced.
  • Emphasize the importance of controlled breathing during the drill. Players should maintain a steady breathing pattern, which helps with concentration and maintaining composure, especially in high-pressure game situations.
  • Encourage players to work on a quick release after each catch. In basketball, quick decision-making is vital. Emphasize that they should be ready to pass, shoot, or dribble immediately after securing the ball, just as they would in a fast-paced game.
  • To make the drill even more game-like, simulate defensive pressure by having a partner or coach stand nearby and occasionally reach for the ball as it bounces off the wall. This will help players become more comfortable with handling the ball in the presence of defenders.
  • Suggest to players that they record themselves while performing the drill. This allows them to review their technique, footwork, and positioning. Self-analysis can be a powerful tool for identifying areas of improvement and refining their skills.

Make It Easier: Start out throwing the ball softly against the wall.

Make It Harder: Start throwing the ball harder and move closer to the wall.