I was at practice last night and used this suggestion from Steve–a great [tag]team basketball[/tag] drill. Team Basketball

From Steve…

My favorite [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] comes with 5 minutes left in our practice and it is called the HOYAS Pride Drill. 

The coach stands at the free throw line while the whole team faces him in a good defensive stance. 

The coach starts the drill by dribbling the basketball in front of them. The whole team starts to pity pat there feet. The coach moves around while the team rotates side to side shutting down [tag]passing[/tag] lanes.

The coach yells “who are we”? With the response “HOYAS”.  The [tag]coach[/tag] will (when he feels ready) throw the ball up, roll the ball, skip pass. (you get the idea).  This starts a 10 on no one fast break getting the ball down court in the hoop with no dribbles.  Made basket creates a pass back to the coach up top to start the drill all over. 

My girls actually love this drill now.