This is one of the [tag]team basketball drills[/tag] I picked up from one of my subscribers last fall.  Try this out with your team tonight!Team Basketball Drills

We use backpedal laps right before free throw practice to get our team a bit worn out so they can shoot their [tag]free throws[/tag] with the same fatigue feeling they would feel during a [tag]basketball[/tag] game.

Backpedal laps start at any corner of the court.  They sprint to half court, spin and backpedal to the far baseline.  At the baseline, they defensive slide to the basket, do three power jumps to the backboard, and then defensive slide the rest of the baseline. They then repeat this pattern back down the court.

This works best if the players are facing the same direction on both ends of the court when they are sliding so they get work sliding both directions.  In one workout [tag]basketball drill[/tag], they get to use 4 movements that directly translate into game situations and they seem to like it a lot better than just running lines.