I got the inspiration for these [tag]team basketball drills[/tag] while at practice last night.  It includes a fresh idea for a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] for free throw shooting.  Try it out and let me know what you think!Team Basketball Drills

Start with all players on the end line.  Run the length of the gym and back twice.  The [tag]basketball coach[/tag] then calls out a player’s name to shoot two free throws while the rest of the team stays on the endline. Coaches can yell and try to distract the shooter.  If he makes a free throw, the entire team doesn’t run.  If he misses it, the entire team runs down and back the length of the gym. He then returns for the second free throw.  If he misses again, the team runs again. Do this for each player on the team.

This [tag]basketball[/tag] drill accomplishes two things.  They will be shooting free throws in game-like conditions because they will be tired while shooting and it also adds pressure to the players because they don’t want to make their teammates run.