Special thanks to Steve in Australia for sending this one in.  If you’re looking for [tag]team basketball drills[/tag], you MUST try this out!Team Basketball Drills

This [tag]basketball drill[/tag] is a variation from an Australian Rugby drill. It works on catching and passing whilst in motion, as well as intercepting passes. Players learn to react quickly to passes and to time their defense/passing better.

Have players standing on a cone in the formation below:

  • The player in the centre is the head passer and the players on the outer ring are his team members. They must be in constant motion in a clockwise direction around the circle.
  • The players in the inner ring are the defense and they must be in constant motion anti-clockwise.
  • The offence must pass the ball back and forward between the rotating players and the head passer without the defense touching or stealing the ball.

A variation may be to change the roles of the players OR add two head passers and another [tag]basketball[/tag] OR have players instantly change direction when the coaches whistle is blown.

I have actually done this with various sports and found it works anywhere there’s passing involved. And it works for players of all ages/abilities/levels.