Team Basketball DrillsI received this suggestion on [tag]team basketball drills[/tag] from Mike, one of my subscribers. Here is a good [tag]basketball drill[/tag] for catching, shooting, and communicating.

Star shooting– have a player at each block and elbow. Other players are in a line under the basket; the first one has a [tag]basketball[/tag]. The ball is passed to the right elbow and the passer follows their pass and takes over that spot. Then the ball is passed to the left block and the passer follows that pass. The next pass goes to the right block and the passer follows. The last pass goes to the left elbow for a shot and the passer follows. The person in the line under the basket rebounds and starts the drill again.

Make sure all players have hands up, call out the players name they are passing to, and jump to the pass. After several minutes, reverse the pattern.

Variations- use 2 balls, have the last passer charge hard at the shooter to make them drive or sag back and make the shooter shot long, or move the elbow players beyond the 3-point line to work on 3-point shots.