Often coming up with fresh [tag]team basketball drills[/tag] can be challenging.  This simple [tag]basketball drill[/tag] was an eye opener for my team this year. My [tag]basketball[/tag] players now request this one often.

I set up cones up in a zig zag manner on each sideline down the length of the gym from one end to the other.(The zig zag went from the sideline diagonaly into the court about 20 feet back to the sideline on a diagonal etc.)
Two players could go at once on this agility drill.
They run to the first cone, jump stop, then do a defensive slide to the next cone, repeating the run and jump stop, defensive slide etc. When they get to the other end of the court another two players“  go while the ones that just went ran backwards down the middle of the cones where there is no traffic.

This [tag]basketball agility drill[/tag] gets players in shape and there is constant motion. Additionally my players said it made them realize how important it is to get down“  in a defensive slide and that they needed to work on it better.