This is a good [tag]basketball drill[/tag] to teach your players to pass into the post.
-“ Players start at the wing and post positions on each side of the key, while the other players line up in two groups at the top of the key
-“ The first player in each line has a ball

-“ The first player in each line passes to the wing player
-“ The wing player passes to the post player, using a bounce pass
-“ The post player makes a drop step, power dribbles, and finishes strong with a layup
-“ The post player get his own rebound, pivots and outlets the ball to the next person in the line at the top of the key
-“ Players rotate from the top of the key, to the wing, to the post

Points of emphasis
-“ Fake high, then step into the bounce pass
-“ Explode up after the power dribble.  Dunk the ball if you can