Play Type:“ “  Offensive Play


This play is designed to get your primary ball handler to go through two ball screens in quick succession – whether with two players or just one player pivoting back and forth.

Set Up:

Set up in the half court with both of your wing players on the right side of the court, and the bigs in a horns up set – at the intersection of the lane line extended and the three point line. Have the four man on the left side set a ballscreen, and the ball handler use it.

Basketball Plays


  1. We’re not looking for penetration into the paint here – this is a decoy screen.
  2. The five man is going to run across the key to the ball handler and set a ballscreen too, as the four man rolls over top of him heading towards the hoop.
  3. The ball handler will now come off of this screen aggressively, looking to get into the paint and either get right to the rim or hit one of either of the two rollmen.
  4. It’s important for the wings to lift, sliding up closer to the center of the court and away from the baseline, to give your ballhandler and easier passing lane to threat the ball through if the defense collapses entirely on the paint.

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