The [tag]Spin Back Move[/tag] is a great [tag]shooting drill[/tag] for teaching [tag]basketball players[/tag] how to shoot after contact.  Give this one a try at your next basketball practice.

-“ Player 1 stands 6 feet from the basket
-“ Player 2 starts with the ball, underneath the basket

-“ Player 2 throws the ball out to Player 1, and closes out
-“ Player 1 catches the ball and takes one dribble toward the middle of the lane
-“ When he feels contact from Player 2, Player 1 spins back, pivots off his inside foot, squares up, and shoots a bank shot

Points of Emphasis
-“ Take only one dribble, and keep the ball low and between your legs
-“ Avoid fading away.  Jump into the defender and try to initiate contact