This classic basketball“ [tag]passing drill[/tag] will help teach basic passing and [tag]catching skills[/tag].  To increase difficulty try running this [tag]basketball drill[/tag] with four, five, or six players.  As another option, have your players return down the court playing 2 vs. 1.

-“ Begin with three evenly spaced lines across the baseline
-“ The player in the middle line (Player 2) starts with the ball
-“ The players is the left line (Player 1) and right line (Player 1) prepare to receive a pass

-“ Player 2 begins the drill by passing to Player 1
-“ Following the pass and moving up the court, Player 2 sprints behind Player 1
-“ Player 1 moves up the court, passing and sprinting behind Player 3
-“ The drill continues, moving up the court.  Each player passes, follows his pass, then sprints behind the player who received the ball
-“ The last pass is a bounce pass.  The receiving player converts a layup.  The ball is rebounded.  The drill is re-initiated coming back the other way
-“ Again, the layup is converted.  The next group of three players begins
-“ As alternative, try a Five-Man Weave. “  Drill is run the same, but with five lines instead of three.

Points of Emphasis
-“ Ball does not touch the ground
-“ All layups must be made
-“ Passing player calls out the name of the receiving player