I would like to share one of our [tag]top basketball drills[/tag].  It is a [tag]fast break drill[/tag]–3 on 2, 2 on 1.

Start with all of your players in 3 lines on the baseline, besides 2 defenders on the opposite end of the court, 1 at the freethrow line and the other behind him at the dotted line.

The [tag]basketball[/tag] starts in the middle line under the basket, the other two lines are wide on either side of the ball.

Outlet to either side and that player attacks down the middle, the passer fills the lane that the ball handler has come from and the 3rd lane is filled by the 1st player in the other line.

We now have 3 players attacking the 2 defenders waiting on the opposite end.

The ball handler attacks until he is stopped by the first defender, then he has to make the pass to one of the 2 offensive players attacking the 1 defender that is left.

After the pass is made, the 2 offensive players have to think quickly and aggressively to get the best shot available, either with a quick catch and shoot or making the play to the basket with a finish or a drive and dish.

Only 1 shot is allowed at the basket, so it should be a high percentage shot.

The player that passes to the shooter or finisher then becomes the one defender as the 2 initial defenders rebound the 1 shot make or miss and attack the passer in a two on 1 fast break back to the other end where the drill began.

The other 2 offensive players stay and become the 2 defenders for the next 3 players waiting in the 3 lines, who attack after the 2 on 1 fast break is completed.

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