In my experience, the [tag]top basketball drills[/tag] feel like games. The [tag]basketball drill[/tag]/game we like is basically a modified form of half-court two-on-two.

Each game is the first to two points; “make it, take it”, winning team plays on. Teams rotate as much as possible, so that everyone gets to pair up with everyone else.

Winner of the last game starts with the [tag]basketball[/tag]. The next two players waiting referee for the current game. The rules are basically the same as normal, except that players can shoot immediately after grabbing a defensive rebound, without having to take the ball out to the half-way line or three-point line.

At first, this style of play seems terribly unfair. A team only needs two baskets to win a game, and both points can come by simply grabbing a defensive rebound and then sticking it straight back up for an easy lay up. But players quickly learn the following points:
# The importance of rebounds (getting a good rebounding position and following your own shot)
# Shot selection (only take shots that you have a high chance of making and/or when you have a rebounder in place)

This style of basketball play also rewards good defense and punishes weak defense. Most games are over very quickly, allowing a quick rotation. Because only two baskets are required to win, upsets happen all of the time, but if a particular pair wins ten games in a row then they retire and split up to form new teams.