I’m often asked for my [tag]top basketball drills[/tag]. Here is a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] I use often. It’s meant to create a very intense, high energy practice session but keep it fun too. It’s like wind sprints and the weave to the extreme!

First, divide your team into 2 stations headed by two different [tag]basketball coach[/tag]es. The first station works on catch-and-shoot drills, pick-and-roll plays and right & left hand lay-ups (all the fundamentals).  We usually have about 10 players so each station has about 4 or 5 players running“  drills at a high energy pace (lay-up lines, catch, [tag]shoot & rebound basketball drill[/tag], defensive slide, etc.) The key is to let the players decide what they need to work on at this station.Top Basketball Drills

At the other station you should have 4 players running a 2 on 2 game utilizing the [tag]basketball[/tag] skills practiced in the other station. As soon as a team scores 3 points the losing team trades one player from the other station (the coach decides who) and the cycle continues.

We run this in our [tag]basketball practice[/tag]s and even our heavier players run it and don’t realize how much exercising they are doing! We won our championship because these guys were in shape and mastered the fundementals.  Midway through the season my team began to beg to run our practices like this. After we mastered our zone, press defenses and“  pick-&-roll offense our practice revolved around this drill.

The overall goals of this process are to :
– help players develop good work habits and personal goal-setting.
– exercise, and conditioning for game situations.
– reinforce teams’ style of play in a fun way.