Play Type:“ “  Defensive Drill


This drill focuses on chinning the basketball on a rebound, v-cuts, outlet passes and finishing with contact.

Set Up:

  • Each player in the line with number 1 has a basketball.


  1. To start the drill the player in line one throws the basketball off the backboard and jumps as high as he can and rebounds it.
  2. The player chins the basketball and outlets it to lin.
  3. When the player passes the basketball he fills in behind line 2.
  4. Line 2 receives the ball and passes it to line 3. Before line 3 receives the ball the player must v-cut to come to the ball.
  5. When the player passes the ball from line 3 he fills in behind line 3.
  6. When line 3 receives the ball he passes it to line 4 for a backdoor layup which is also set up by a v-cut.
  7. After the player in line 4 finishes the layup he speed dribbles to the other end and throws the basketball off the backboard and the drill starts again.

Coaching Tips

  • I usually have a coach under the basket with line 4 with a football pad trying to create some contact on the layup.

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