Teaching players how to space the floor and move the ball quickly downcourt in transition.


Player 4 starts under the hoop with the ball, with Player 1 on the left hash, Player 2 on the half court line on the right side, and Player 3 on the left hash on the far side of the court.

Players executing the V-cut Shooting drill full-court.


  • Player 4 throws the ball off the backboard and rebounds to start the drill.
  • Player 1 sprints towards half court then V-cuts back towards the ball to receive a pass from Player 4.
  • Player 2 V-cuts, sprinting downcourt then back towards the center circle to receive the next pass.
  • Player 3 sprints towards the ball, plants, and cuts backdoor towards the hoop.
  • Player 2 makes a pass to Player 3 who finishes at the hoop, grabs their rebound, and then dribbles down the sideline to where the drill started.
  • Players all rotate one position, with Player 4 moving to Player 1’s spot, Player 1 to Player 2’s spot, and Player 2 to Player 3’s spot.
  • Player 3 finishes at the hoop, gets the rebound, and restarts the drill from there.
  • The drill should continue for about 2 minutes, with players keeping track of their score.

Coaching Tips:

  • This is a great drill to show players how much more quickly and efficiently they can move the ball downcourt by passing as opposed to dribbling. This is precisely why we don’t allow players to dribble in this drill (except to start the next rep).
  • Challenge your players to see what’s the highest score they can achieve!

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Emphasize the importance of proper footwork during the V-cuts, teaching them to plant their feet firmly and change direction smoothly to improve balance and control.
  • Instruct them to focus on the target’s hands when passing and to use both hands for better control, improving pass accuracy.
  • Encourage them to anticipate the movements of their teammates and opponents, teaching them to read the court and make quick decisions.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Stress the importance of explosive starts and stops during V-cuts to create separation from defenders.
  • Practice different types of passes (bounce, chest, overhead) depending on the situation and defensive positioning.
  • Communicate constantly during the drill, improving on-court communication and developing leadership skills.