This basketball play allows for several options: a dribble to the goal for the point guard, an angle flex cut from the wing, a screen for a jump shot from your post player, a high-low option for your post player, and a two-man game and a double screen for the original screener.

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Diagram 1. The play sets up with a 1-3-1 offensive set. The point guard’s initial dribble is to either wing. The ball side wing cuts across the lane and screens for the opposite wing and makes a flex cut to the ball side low block. The original ball side wing that set the screen then continues on to the opposite wing. At the same time, the center sets a down screen for the forward. The forward flashes off the center’s screen to the high post.
Diagram 2. The ball is then reversed to the high post where the forward can then look for ajump shot or for a high-low option with the center.
Diagram 3. If neither option is open, the ball is then reversed to the opposite wing.
Diagram 4. When the ball is reversed the center then posts up on the ball side while the point guard and the forward screen down to set a double screen for the wing that originally cut to the short corner. That wing player comes off the double screen looking for her jump shot.


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