One of the biggest areas that coaches neglect are [tag]warm up drills[/tag].  Read below for two great suggestions from Ray and from Joel on this topic.Warm Up Drills

“ I currently coach two girls [tag]basketball[/tag] teams – 7/8th grade inhouse and 9th grade school team – and both groups love the ‘3-Up Shooting Drill’
The objective is to be the first team to go up by three baskets on the other team. 
It starts with two teams lined up at each elbow.  When I say ‘go’, the first player in each line begins shooting from the elbow.  They must retrieve their own rebound and pass it to the next player in their line.
I usually have the losing team run a couple of laps or a couple of sprints.
It’s a fun competition and helps with shooting and [tag]conditioning[/tag] as well.
From Joel…Basketball Warm Up

Something that get my girls really like at start of practice and at“  start
of all games is to say their team name, Lady Falcons while they go around
the courts in defense position and pivot at each corner. When they get back
we huddle up and have hands all in and“  shout Lady Falcons . I know its
just“  a pre-stretch thing we do, but really helps gets the Adrenalin