If you’ve got a couple really talented ball handlers, and you want to give them a chance to do what they do best without resorting to stagnating isolation plays, this dribble drive set will be a great match for your team.

With the center down low and the power forward up on the left elbow, our point guard will start the play off by dribbling hard right at the small forward before reverse pivoting and handing the ball off.

The power forward will follow right behind, coming to set a ball screen for the small forward.

The small forward will use this screen, looking to attack the left side of the court – but if there isn’t anything the initially, they will level out and hand of to the shooting guard, who will take the hand off and use the power forward’s ball screen going the other direction.

You can continue running this back and forth, making it especially effective in a clock management situation where you’ve got a lead and are trying to shave all the time off the clock that you can while still giving your offense a chance to create quality shots.