Play Type:“ “  Defensive Drill


This defensive drill demonsrates an aggressive, attack defense that will deny passes out to the wings.  It explores the timing and execution – every detail down to the exact angle of the screen.

Set Up:

  • You’ll set up with your guards up top, the point on the right side, and the shooting guard on the left side, as well as both your wing players setup at the foul line extended.
  • Your center will be standing on the right side elbow.


  1. The center will flash up to the three point line, taking a pass from the point guard.
  2. As soon as the point guard gives up the ball, both guards are going to sprint straight down to the baseline, and run underneath the hoop, running a wide loop out to the wing on the opposite side of the court they were just on.
  3. The forwards on each wing will step towards the key to set two downscreens, and the center will be free to hit whoever they feel before heading back down to the elbow area.
  4. The forward on the ball side will slide down to the block, and the forward on the weak side will clash up top to the three point line, ready to play safety on defense or swing the ball through to the other wide.



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