This [tag]basketball shooting drill[/tag] will help prepare players for game like [tag]shooting[/tag] skills.  Emphasize correct footwork and ensure that players receive the ball with knees bent and hands up, ready to shoot.

-“ Player 1 stands underneath the basket with the ball.  He is the rebounder/passer
-“ Player 2 stands at the left elbow, ready to catch and shoot

-“ Player 2 moves from the left elbow to the right elbow, where he receives the pass from Player 1
-“ Player 2 squares up, plants his inside foot, and shoots.  Player 1 rebounds the shot and prepares to pass to Player 2 again
-“ Player 2 slides back across the key to the left elbow, where he receives the pass and shoots
-“ Continue for allotted time or number of made shots, then rotate positions