Take a look at these submissions from Kurt and from Kenneth. “  Two great examples for [tag]youth basketball coaching[/tag] that can work with any age group.Youth Basketball Coaching Tips

From Kurt…
One [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] my 6th grade girls like is we line up 4 lines on the base line.

Team colors are staggered dark, light, dark, light and set on both ends of the 3 point arc and baseline, and on both edges of the paint. “  We have the baseline basket along with a basket on each side.  I number the baskets 1,2 and 3.

Start by rolling out the ball from under the baseline basket and let the first 4 attack the ball.  2 dark players and 2 light.  Call out a basket number and let them attack 2 on 2.  One shot at a basket.  If missed, call out another basket number and continue until one team scores to end the game.  The next 4 in line are next and play begins when you roll the ball out.

Use this for [tag]coaching[/tag] both [tag]defense[/tag] and [tag]offense[/tag].  This has also helped use get more aggressive to loose balls and more.

From Kenneth…
Shoot 50

This is a [tag]free throw[/tag] help drill.
First the team must shoot 50 free throws as a team then make 50.  When they get to 50 on the make 50 drill they must run the number they miss on the make 50 drill.