Special thanks to Brian for sending this one in.  If you’re looking for a fresh [tag]youth basketball coaching resource[/tag], try this out–a fast-paced [tag]basketball passing drill[/tag] that will show immediate results!Youth Basketball Coaching Resource

From Brian…
Passing and catching [tag]basketball drill[/tag].

I put all the boys in“  circle arms length apart at the center of court.  Everyone takes 5 steps back to widen the circle.  I coach from the middle of the circle.  One boy has a [tag]basketball[/tag] and bounce or chest passes to the next boy until we complete the circle.  We are concentrating on making eye contact with the next player, stepping to the player making a sharp pass.  The receiver has to step to the pass, secure the ball, use his pivot foot and pass to the next boy.

I will time the boys to see how long it takes to complete the circle.  I will introduce a second ball half way around the circle and possible a third ball to the circle.  This keeps the boys attention and helps with speed and passing fundamentals.

After 5 times around the circle I will have the [tag]basketball coach[/tag]es play passive defense on the inside of the circle to help the boys make good passing decisions.