This past week we worked on offense with a half court 5 on 3 [tag]basketball drill[/tag] with the youth team–7 year olds. This is one of the [tag]youth basketball drills[/tag] that we used quite successfully.  Give it a try with your team!

The offense needed to find the open man and couldn’t take a shot unless they were in the paint.

Every time they scored or the defense stole the ball everybody came out to half court and we started over.

There were a number of “freeze” times when I stopped play and asked the players where they should be playing.  I had some strategy talks at some of the start overs. “Look like a [tag]basketball[/tag] team” was my message to them.

This all played into the game when we had run up the score 33 to 6 by half.  To slow down play we told the kids they needed to have 4 passes before they could shoot and had to be in the paint to take a shot.  It was as if a light went on for them as they started to look up as they came down court and look for the open man.