If you are a [tag]basketball coach[/tag] for 4th graders, or any age who have never played before, try these tricks. These [tag]youth basketball drills[/tag] are basic and effective; tried and true.

Two things I do to help alleviate confusion with players who are just starting out with the sport and have so much to learn are the following:

1. When substituting, I make them high five the player they are going in for and during the high five, exchange the number of the player that he/she is guarding.  This had alleviated some of the confusion during subs as to “who do I have?”.  If“  the other teams subs, I have them call out the new player.  This lets everyone (including the [tag]basketball[/tag] coach) know that they know who they have.

2. Switching hoops at the half has been problematic for my team so now I switch my position on the bench relative to the players at the half as well.  If they get confused, they look up to see where I am and know that they are shooting toward the end of the bench where I am sitting.

They actually ask me at the half to make sure I remember to move my seat!“  Simple but they help give structure to your [tag]youth basketball[/tag] players.  Give them a try.