If you are looking for fresh ideas for [tag]youth basketball drills[/tag], try out this [tag]fast break basketball drill[/tag] with your kids.

This is a fast transition down the court that I used with my under 12 girls [tag]basketball[/tag] team!
Player 1 rebounds the ball. Player 2“  v-cuts past 1 to receive pass, then passes to 4 who has run out to right wing. 5 cuts to left wing, crosses over to middle, receives pass from 4 near half-court, then dribbles to top of foul line. At this point there are a couple of options for player 4, ie. layup or give and go with player 5.

Player 1 should be to the right of & behind 5 as protector, 2 has filled in trail position behind 5. 3 has crossed from left low post at one end through middle of court and ends up at right low post at opposite end. 4 continues across middle of court after passing to 5 from right wing and ends up in left low post at opposite end.


If 1’s pass goes to 3 instead, this fast break [tag]basketball drill[/tag] can then be run with 2 & 3 exchanging positions as well as 4 & 5 exchanging.