Here are a couple of [tag]youth basketball drills[/tag] I used last week.  The first [tag]basketball drill[/tag] worked really well on chasing down a loose [tag]basketball[/tag], dribbling with your head up and making a lay-up.

Start in the corner on the baseline with your team in a line.  My assistant coach stands under the basket.  I roll the ball diagonally across the court, and the first player in line chases it down, and drives in for a lay-up.  My assistant coach holds up a number, and each girl has to yell out the number before shooting her lay-up.

I have found one of the best ideas I ever incorporated into my [tag]basketball practice[/tag]s was to use the score board clock for everything we do in practice. We use it for any basketball drill, to count down to when practice starts, and to even water breaks.

I found this keeps the players on their toes and allows them to push near the end of each drill or conditioning event.