Special thanks to Lee and to Judy for sending these in.  If you’re looking for some fresh ideas for [tag]youth basketball drills[/tag], you MUST try these out!Youth Basketball Drills

From Lee…
The Marines at Camp Pendleton, here in north San Diego, have a tradition of practicing a [tag]basketball drill[/tag] in which they have two squads of five men pass the ball and run their offense, but no dribbling is allowed!

I took that drill and adjusted it for our 4th-graders, and ran a scrimmage, with a three-on-three full-court scrimmage for 8 minutes (two groups), and then a 5-on-5 scrimmage for 8 minutes…the boys loved it so much they begged for a second 5-on-5 scrimmage for 8 min. and I reffed the “game” just as usual, plus no dribbling.

The boys understood the message of team play and passing.

From Judy…
Here is a variation of hustle/aggression [tag]basketball drills[/tag] that we use with under 15 year old boys to encourage aggressive play and hustle.

4 lines at baseline; [tag]basketball coach[/tag] in the middle rolls ball towards middle of court then blows whistle. The first player from each inside line race to get ball, after they take off towards ball, first player from each outside line sprints up sideline towards opposing basket.

Player retrieving the [tag]basketball[/tag] must immediately pass to sprinting player on his side of court.  The other sprinter, and player not getting initial ball are defenders and must stop the layup. Sprinter must either layup ball or pass back to trailer who stops and pops.

All 4 players clear out after shot and rebound, then next group“  goes.