This is one of our favorite [tag]youth basketball drills[/tag]. It is great drill for any youth team but I’ve used it with older kids as well with equally good results. We use it to teach jab steps, dribble protection, defensive positioning, slide feet, rebounding all from one simple drill.

  • Make a line at the top of the key.
  • First in line is the defender.
  • Go one on one.
  • Traveling or double dribble your out.
  • If you shoot and score the defender is out or runs a lap.
  • If the offense misses, the defender becomes offense on the rebound.
  • Go until there is a score.

If there is a foul the defender is out or runs a lap. The offensive player shoots one free throw–if they make it they’re in, if they miss they’re out or run a lap.

We have also at times let the player have one pass to the [tag]basketball coach[/tag] for a V-cut if they get stuck on the dribble drive to the basket.

Kids love this drill!

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