This is one of the [tag]youth basketball offense[/tag] [tag]drills[/tag] sent to me by Jamie in Australia. Try this out with your team tonight!Youth Basketball Offense

From Jamie (in Australia)…
I have a number of [tag]basketball[/tag] drills that I use with the Kids.
Here is one which comes in handy with a throw in at the offensive end.
We call it “The Line”.
Basically it is set up like this:
X (Passer)

(a) (b) (c) (d)
X “  X “  X“ “  X

The four players set up across the foul line (top of Key).
On the call the passer calls play.
B & C screen A & D’s players.
A & D run around the screen (towards the middle) and cut to the basket.
This opens them up to the easy basket under the ring.
B & C rolls and cut to the side for the [tag]pass[/tag] and jump shot (If A & D do not get the ball).
This also gives us rebounders right under the ring.

A variation can also be A & D screening B & C to get them loose for the [tag]jump shot[/tag] on the wings whilst A & D roll to the basket for either easy pass or rebound.
Easy to set up at training with 2 passers and kids lined up behind B & C on the call B & C screen, A & D go to the basket, receive the pass, shoot [tag]rebound[/tag] and they become the next passers, the previous passes go to the line behind B & C, the screeners move across to be A & D, line moves forward giving you the next B & C.

Crikey I hope that all made sense?