Many coaches struggle with new [tag]basketball drills[/tag] to teach how to pass.  Here is a suggestion for [tag]youth basketball passing drills[/tag] that is very effective.  Give it a try!Youth Basketball Passing Drills

From John…
No dribbling half-court [tag]basketball scrimmage[/tag] for young, inexperienced youth players.
The best way that I have seen to get young youth players to get the idea to pass the ball to other players on their team instead of dribbling into corners and getting trapped is to scrimmage half-court without allowing dribbling. 

In one of the first scrimmages for my youth [tag]basketball[/tag] team I will let them scrimmage half-court 4v4 without restrictions for 10 minutes and inevitably what will happen is that one player will dribble continuously without passing and the other players on the team will stand and watch.  Once the rules are changed to a 4v4 half-court scrimmage without dribbling, the other players realize that they must move without the ball in order to advance the ball and score.  I’ve run this type of scrimmage for 10 minutes and then gone back to the scrimmage without the “no dribbling” restriction and the results are immediate.  Players move more, pass better and find other players for open baskets.