Take a look at this submission from Coach Huey.  A great example of youth basketball plays that can work well with your youth team.Youth Basketball Plays

From Huey…
How about some ideas for basketball inbound plays, sideline or baseline.

First, I don’t know if this is any big revelation but using an easy trigger for beginning your inbound plays–Instead of using the ball slap, begin your inbound plays when the official hands your inbounder the ball. This will save you a second or two and could mean the difference in a turnover or two in a game.

Secondly, my players really struggle remembering different inbound sets in particular at the beginning of the season. So what we do is give our inbound plays a letter that closely resembles the formation they will start the play with.

For example, instead of using the traditional stack call, we will use “I” call instead (players line up in line).We use “C” for a staggered curl with our guards coming through our big screens from with our players basically ending up in a “C” pattern.