Youth Basketball PlaysOne of my subscribers sent these youth basketball plays.  I’ve included it for you below.  Give it a try!

For very young players we use a basketball play called “How do we do it“, which came from a very old wise coach that coached my boy as a junior.

When we have a sideline through in, position 2 players well back on the basketball court. Once the sideline player raises the basketball above their head (note – NOT BEFORE, this is difficult to control with juniors), both players run through (one close, the other out wide) to allow two passing opportunities. It gives momentum in the right direction and often catches the opposition flat footed. Handy to have the sideline player use “fake a pass to make a pass” as well.

The call (by the basketball coach)to run this play is “How do we do it”.

It can be used quite successfully until the other teams coach works out a man on man blocking/screening defense.