I’ve gotten a whole bunch of requests for [tag]youth basketball practice drills[/tag] over the past few days. Here’s an idea that Kevin sent to me for [tag]basketball passing drills[/tag].Youth Basketball Practice Drills

From Kevin…
I don’t have a name for this [tag]basketball drill[/tag], but the intent is to teach the very young players passing skills and how to move and get open. It’s keep-a-way in a box.

I just use a box because very young players need some reference point or they will run all over the gym.Three players on the corners of a box with 15′ sides play keep-a-way from one player in the middle. There is always one open corner.

The players cannot pass across the box, but only to an adjacent corner. If a corner adjacent to the [tag]basketball[/tag] is empty then the player diagonal must move to fill the empty spot. The passer must make a decision to pass left or right, faking out the person in the middle. After every pass, someone must move. If the person in the middle gets the ball, whoever they took it from moves to the middle.

This is intended to be a fast moving game with many touches on the ball teaching movement, getting open, and passing skills. After the players get the game down then the “box” can be removed and they can play on half of the court.

I’m now coaching very young players and need [tag]basketball drills[/tag] focused on teaching basic ball skills.