These ideas for [tag]youth basketball practice drills[/tag] were sent in by Bill, one of my subscribers. “  I’ve included them here for you to try with your team.  Keep ’em coming!Youth Basketball Practice Drills

From Bill…
Here’s some [tag]fun basketball drills[/tag] for 7-8 year olds.

1) “Who Wants the Ball“– many of these kids don’t get the aggressive concept of actually going to the ball, boxing out, etc.

At the end of [tag]basketball practice[/tag] we play “who wants the ball?” All 9 or 10 of them gather under the basket as I “miss” foul shots. You can’t leave practice until you’ve successfully re-bounded the [tag]basketball[/tag], which drives them to be aggressive and get the ball from their peers.

2) “Dribble with the Outside Hand” – kids line up at baseline. I put 4 cones in a line in front of them extending to the other baseline. They have to “figure eight” thru the cones, switching hands to the outside. After a couple times thru that [tag]basketball drill[/tag], I put a child at each cone. The player is allowed to reach for the ball, but has to keep his feet on the cone. As the players figure eight thru the cones this helps force them to dribble with their outside hand.

3) The best investment ever – $6, Dicks Sporting Goods, black plastic glasses with the lower 3rd blocked off. This forces the child, while wearing them, to dribble without being able to see the ball.

Good luck!