Many coaches struggle to come up with fresh ideas for [tag]youth basketball practice[/tag].  Here are three suggestions that one of my subscribers sent in.Youth Basketball Practice

From Nick…
I coach a Pee Wee League Team (7 to 8 yr olds).

I try to make [tag]basketball practice[/tag] fun for them so I have 3 [tag]basketball drills[/tag] that I use to help them with their basic dribbling, passing and shooting.

1. Play Red Light, Green Light: I stand about half court and have the kids start dribbling with their right hand first. Then I just shout green light to have them dribble to me and red light to stop them…..just like the original red light, green light game. If they are not coming forward“  they have to still keep dribbling. Once they make it to the end, they repeat the process with their left hand. This of course helps with dribbling but sometimes I will use hand signals so they have to look up when dribbling and not star at the ball while dribbling.

2. Bounce Off the Wall: I use a large brick wall next to the [tag]basketball[/tag] court and have the kids bounce pass to the wall and catch the ball when it comes back. This helps with their passing skill and strength. After the bounce pass they then do a chest pass to the wall. This helps their catching ability since the ball comes back very fast. I have them do 20 of each type of pass. I learned this from football great Jerry Rice that used to bounce a football off a wall to help his reaction speed for catching.

3. Around the World: Just like the game, I make my players shoot at different spots around the basket. I have them run to a position, bounce pass to them and I try to block them. They have to run to the position, catch the ball, set their feet and shoot quickly before I block them. This drill helps with shooting from different areas on the court quickly.

Those are my top 3. Hope someone can use them.