I got the inspiration for this coaching tip from Tommy.  It includes some fresh ideas on [tag]youth drills[/tag].  Try out this [tag]shooting[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] and let me know what you think! Youth Drills

I coach [tag]basketball[/tag] to 7th and 8th graders. They all want to shoot 3 pointers but most of them are not physically strong enough to shoot the ball that far out without altering their shooting motion. 

“ I have each kid start about out about 5 feet from the basket. If they can comfortably shoot from that distance, they take a step back. As long as they can shoot with their normal motion, they continue to get farther from the basket. When they reach the point that they can no longer shoot from a comfortable range, we make sure they understand what points on the court they should be shooting from.

Also, we have the kids lay on their backs and shoot the ball several feet in the air making the ball return right in front of their face. This teaches them correct rotation on the ball while shooting.