Give this [tag]basketball ballhandling drill[/tag] a try.  Not only is this a good [tag]dribbling drill[/tag] but it also teachs your players to be better defenders.

-“ Players pair up with someone of similar size and speed. 
-“ Player 1 is a dribbler and Player 2 is a defender.  The court is divided invisibly down the middle and Player 1 is not allowed to dribble across the invisible line

-“ Player 1 dribbles the length of the court in a zigzag pattern.  At the sideline or invisible half court line, he changes direction with a reverse dribble, behind the back dribble, crossover dribble, or through the legs dribble.
-“ Player 2, in his defensive stance, slides with the dribbler to the opposite end of the floor

Points of Emphasis
-“ Ballhandler dribbles with his left hand as he travels left, right hand as he travels right. He protects the ball with his off-hand, alternating as he switches direction
-“ Ballhandler stays low in an athletic stance
-“ Defender stays in the proper defensive position:“  knees bent, head up, butt down, arms out to the side with palms up
-“ Defender slides with lead foot pointed outward, pushing off with back foot.  Body stays level, not bouncing up and down.  Feet do not cross over.
-“ Defender beats the Ballhandler to the spot, cutting him off and forcing him to change direction