Looking for fresh ideas for [tag]zone defense in basketball[/tag]?“  You’ve come to the right place!“  Try out the idea below from Byron and let me know how it goes for you.Zone Defense in Basketball

From Byron…
My 5th grade boys team was really struggling until I put in this [tag]basketball[/tag] [tag]drill[/tag] that I call “Defensive Box Drill“.

You have 4 on [tag]offense[/tag] and 4 on [tag]defense[/tag], in a “box” formation around the perimeter.  This is for [tag]defensive[/tag] positioning when the ball is “1 [tag]pass[/tag] away”, “2 passes away”, and “3 passes away”.
A lot of times you will have kids face [tag]guarding[/tag] their man when the ball is on the opposite side of the court “3 passes away”.  When in fact they should be in the lane helping out if there is a drive to the basket.

Since I did this drill, we are helping out so much more.  We went from an average team to a team that won 3 tournaments in a row.

From Michelle…
Hustle drill
A drill to help the players to hustle.

Start at the base line, roll the ball towards half court, the player has to go for the ball and dive on the floor to get it before it goes over half court. then he has to come back and make a lay-up and get his own rebound and pass to a coach at the foul line. he then runs and touches the sideline and comes back for a lay-up. Then he goes back in line.